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Dr. Emily Kerr

I truly believe that authenticity must be a daily practice in order to experience meaningful connection with self and others. I work from a client-centered place of compassion and recognize that you are a complex multifaceted individual; therefore my approach must be uniquely tailored to ensure success.

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Dr. Molly Shmerling

We all get stuck in cycles of behavior that do not serve us and leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and others. I aim to help you improve your relationships, starting with the most important relationship of all – your relationship with yourself.

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Dr. Molly Jankovsky

I believe that therapy is an experience that is co-created; the therapist brings their clinical expertise, but you are the true expert on yourself, your story, and the life you want to lead. To support this journey, I take an integrative approach that is tailored to you and what will best support your healing and growth. Theories that I use include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), systems-based perspectives, and psychodynamic approaches including ego state therapy (EST). I am also trained in

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which can be a powerful tool for a wide variety of concerns.


Dr. Manaal Sajid

It is imperative to support a diverse environment, equality in all measures of life and inclusivity of not just humanity but ideas, morals, and values.  In an effort to support these principles in my work and life, I strive to peel back the layers applied to the complexity of individual differences that contributes to the diverse makeup of how we show up in our daily lives.

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