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Eating Disorder Therapy

Our Approach

Many of those who start out dieting end up in a hopeless cycle of disappointment and frustration blaming themselves when they fall short of perfection.

With over nine years of experience, we approach clients with compassion and empathy for their difficult experience. Often, our relationship with food is a substitute or distraction from something missing in our lives. We try to assist our clients in exploring and understanding their relationship with food by identifying these missing pieces so that they can learn to address them head-on rather than using food as a way to cope. As these issues are uncovered, many clients are able to turn to food for nourishment and energy—improving their overall wellbeing. We also believe in a holistic approach for eating disorder treatment incorporating various aspects of health and wellness (physical exercise, nutrition, sleep, and medical intervention if necessary). We provide this therapy for those struggling with:

  • Anorexia/Restricting Behavior

  • Compulsive Over-eating or Binge Eating

  • Bulimia

  • Orthorexia

  • General discomfort with body shape and size

  • Negative Body Image

It is the ultimate victory for a woman to find a way to love herself and other women while existing in a world insisting that she has no right to." 

-Glennon Doyle

Body Empowerment

Have you gained or lost a significant amount of weight? Are you struggling to accept your new shape and size?

Are you plagued by fear that you may revert back to old habits? You are not alone. In addition to helping those who want to change their relationship with food, we also work with clients who are in a stage of growth after previous weight gain or weight loss. This transition is often overlooked, and can be a lengthy and difficult process for those adjusting to a new size. Many often struggle with still seeing themselves in their previous shape, and adjusting this mindset to accept your new appearance can be difficult. From buying new clothes to dating and everything in between, we are here to support your growth as you embrace your new found health. 

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