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Education and Experience

Clinical Postdoctoral Fellowship

Crisis and Triage Track


University of Colorado-Boulder
Counseling and Psychiatric Services

Predoctoral Internship 


Wasatch Behavioral Health

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology


Wright State University

Psy.M Master of Psychology


Wright State University

B.A. in Psychology


Purdue University

Relevant Trainings:
Community Supports for LGBTQI Youth 2022
UndocuAlly Training 2020
Anti-Racism Training 2019
Minority Stress and Health Training 2018
Safezone Training 2017-2019
Spiritual and Existential Approaches to End of Life 2017
Intersectionality and Trauma Training 2017
Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education 2016
Supporting Survivors: How to Respond to Someone who Discloses Trauma 2016
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 2016

Presentations Given:
Intergenerational Trauma and Minority Stress 2019
The increasing Impact of Mentoring on African American Youth and Well-Being 2018
Violence Prevention in Culturally Relevant Aspects of Care 2018
Cross-Cultural Aspects of Clinical Case Studies 2017
Poverty and Suicide Prevention 2017
40 Developmental Assets for At-Risk Youth 2016


                     Dr. Sajid

It is imperative to support a diverse environment, equality in all measures of life and inclusivity of not just humanity but ideas, morals, and values.  In an effort to support these principles in my work and life, I strive to peel back the layers applied to the complexity of individual differences that contributes to the diverse makeup of how we show up in our daily lives. I value a collaborative process that focuses on your needs in a safe space to offer you the tools that can help you heal and change.

I approach therapy from a trauma and culturally informed perspective interwoven with multicultural feminist and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. In addition, I’m currently pursuing certification in Somatic Experience Therapy to help clients work through trauma responses (e.g., flight, fight, freeze,
and fawn) who may not respond to traditional talk therapy methods. Somatic Experience Therapy (SE) includes the use of body movement, tracking sensations, and
recognizing nervous system shifts in response to body activation/deactivation. Through the focal awareness of bodily sensation, individuals can access restorative physiological action patterns. This allows the highly aroused survival energies to be safely and gradually neutralized. For prospective clients, more information can be found here.


Additionally, I have worked in a variety of settings that include schools, medical centers, community mental health, and a college counseling center. I specialize in working with adolescents, emerging adults, and adult populations. My areas of interest include trauma and recovery, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, racial/ethnic identity issues, gender identity, and social justice and advocacy. As a first- generation immigrant and South-Asian woman, I offer unique insight to Muslim and Asian clients from various cultural backgrounds. I also offer services in Urdu/Hindi for potential clients. Below you will find my relevant background and training experiences.

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