Group Therapy

Gender Inclusive Group

The purpose of this group is to not only provide support, but to also further explore psychological issues and stressors which may appear in your life and work through them with individuals who share a common experience. Although everyone’s gender journey is different, there are some commonalities that often bring people together. These similarities can promote a sense of acceptance, participation, and an atmosphere of reduced stigma. While this group does focus on issues directly related to gender, we also encourage and make space for issues related to: mood, relationships, occupation, problematic thought and behavior cycles, and everyday stress. This group is capped at 10 members with an active waitlist. Please inquire for further details.


                         Saturdays 3:00-4:30pm

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Why Should I Consider Group?

“How can group help me reach my goals?” “Will those people be able to relate to me?” “I’m worried about being vulnerable with others I don’t know well.” I often hear these responses when I suggest that clients may benefit from group therapy. However, there are reasons I find it helpful: groups simulate the outside world much more closely than a one-on-one therapy relationship, and thus allows a unique environment for therapeutic exploration. To read more, check out this blog article.

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