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5 Steps To a Healthier You

Updated: Jan 16

Whether it’s losing fat, gaining muscle, or a mix of both, people want instant results. Unfortunately, this desire for instant weight loss or bulking can drive people to disordered eating behaviors. Behaviors, like skipping meals or bingeing and purging, DO NOT have long-term results; however, the damage one can do to their body in the process CAN be life-long. Here are five steps I recommend to clients looking to implement healthy lifestyle changes:

1. Create Healthy, Specific & Measurable goals

a. Losing weight is not a goal, and it’s not specific. Be specific!

b. Take time to also reflect on what these goals are about. Who are they for and why? How will they will help you?

2. Change Takes Time

a. Typically, it can take 6-8 weeks before you or others notice a significant change in your body composition. The trick to lasting change is consistency. Make the choice to be healthy and stay healthy!

3. Consistency is Key

a. Consistency becomes difficult when you’re changing too many things at once. I encourage clients to make gradual changes and introduce one or two new goals each month. General examples include drinking more water, addressing sleep issues, adding one extra day of exercise, or trying a new physical activity.  (Remember, these should be specific and measurable, so revise these accordingly). Eating disorders thrive on all-or-nothing approaches.

4. Generate Strong Goals

a. Especially when working with women, I often encourage goals to be rooted in strength. So much of our culture today encourages women to take up less space physically. I find that when women focus on building muscle in addition to burning fat, they often end up feeling empowered and revitalized. Eating less does not necessarily mean weight loss. In fact, many women find that if they eat healthy foods they can actually eat more food and feel fuller longer.

5. Stop Eating Your Feelings

a. Emotions don’t taste good, so it’s time to stop eating them! Deciding to make changes to your health can stir up many negative messages you received about your body in the past as well as difficult experiences and emotions in the present. Instead of reaching for another of your favorite treat, it’s best to address these feelings. The result? Better physical progress and emotional benefits.

b. Create a great support system through family, friends and even your pets! Therapy can also be a source of support to help you process the fears and discomfort that can arise. Get started today so you can move towards a more authentic and empowered version of you! Contact me here.

Good Luck!

Dr. Emily A. Kerr has over ten years of clinical experience working with those who struggle with body shame and disordered eating. Through a wholistic approach incorporating mindfulness, acceptance, and behavior change, she works with each client to change their relationship with food and self. Releasing the mind from the torment of food and weight allows one to fully embrace the day to day experience and move into a life of authenticity and growth. Contact Dr. Emily A. Kerr for a free phone consultation and start your authentic journey today!

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